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Drones have today become one of the most trending electronic items all over the world. As increasing numbers of countries are drafting regulations to control, and guide the users about, drone flying, these drones are seeing intense rise in sales. DJI, the world’s leading drone makers, have introduced numerous commercial drone models, from the beginner’s delight, the DJI Spark ‘Selfie’ drone to the commercial Hollywood-grade DJI Mavic Pro, the Chinese drone giant offers something for everyone.

Simply buying a drone will not cut it. To get the best out of your every drone flying experience, it is important for drone users to have certain essential accessories. Check out these immensely useful accessories that are offered by Freewell Gear, the leading drone and action camera accessory makers in the world.

Essential Filters for your Drones

Here are the essential camera lens filters for your drones that help to capture images and videos in the most cinematic and excellent quality:


ND (Neutral Density) filters are most necessary for everyday drone photography. Freewell offers an excellent range of ND filters that are designed to be effectively used with several DJI drones, including DJI Mavic Pro ND filters, DJI Spark ND filters, DJI Inspire ND filters and DJI Phantom 4 Pro ND filter, amongst others.

If you click pictures with your drone without any filter, especially the ND filters, and expect to get excellent quality pictures or videos with editing software then these ND filters can effectively remove the need to buy or use expensive post-editing software.

Freewell ND filters are designed using the most advanced aluminum material body. This makes it excessively lightweight, thus preventing any negative effects on the gimbal of the drone. The filter lens is made from especially-crafted multi-coated optical glass. This prevents any unwanted re-reflection of light, and prevents you from getting ‘ghost’ images with the original images.

These ND filters are designed to provide control over the amount of light entering the camera lens. Photographing in cloudy to sunny conditions, you can ensure that you get the best quality images, simply by attaching the right ND filter to it.

Do not forget to checkout our INDEPTH ND Filter blog HERE


CPL (Circular Polarizing) filters are another set of essential accessories from Freewell Gear for the extensive range of drones, such as DJI Phantom CPL filters, DJI Spark CPL filter, DJI Mavic Pro CPL filters, amongst others. The polarized lens filter is made of extremely lightweight, yet resilient material, which gives it durability and has no negative effect on the gimbal balance. The CPL filters from Freewell are available for all popular brands and drone models, including DJI Mavic Pro CPL filters, DJI Spark CPL filters, DJI Inspire CPL filters and DJI Phantom CPL filters, amongst other drone models.

CPL filters are designed to basically cut light entering the camera lens by at least 1.6 f-stops. This filter is also efficient in enhancing the color of the sky or highlights the ground features in aerial landscape photography.

DJI Mavic Filters
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Filters
DJI Spark Filters
DJI Zenmuse X7 Filters
Yuneec H520 Filters
GoPro Hero5/6 Black Filters


Gimbal is an essential part of any drone. To get the best and smoothest panning and video quality, your drone needs to have its gimbal in excellent working condition. Apart from being an important part of a drone, the gimbal is also one of the most delicate parts too. Damage to the gimbal will result in at least malfunctioning camera which is not able to turn or pan.

Freewell Gear produces gimbal protection covers that help to secure the gimbal on your drone from physical damage. The gimbal may suffer damage from a crash, or after colliding with an obstacle when landing or taking off. The gimbal cover from Freewell is designed to be extremely lightweight so it has no negative effect on the gimbal’s functions. It is made from excellent quality durable material to ensure longer utility.

Today, Freewell Gear provides gimbal covers that are combined with sunhood to protect the lens from unwanted sunlight as well as protecting the gimbal too.

DJI Mavic Gimbal Protector
DJI Spark Gimbal Protector
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Gimbal Protector
DJI Phantom 4 Gimbal Protector


Flying outdoors in insufficient visibility tends to pose numerous risks of damage to your drone. Even if you are flying your drone outdoors with not trees, foliage, buildings, etc in sight, there is still risk of damage to the drone if you cannot see the landing/takeoff points.

The Freewell Gear Landing Pad works efficiently to prevent damage to drone from a potential crash, while flying outdoors.

Check out these top 5 reasons that make Landing Pad an essential accessory for drone lovers:

1. Allows ideal takeoff from the ground.
2. Allows perfect landing in non-ideal visibility conditions.
3. Allows better flight planning with dedicated takeoff/landing spot.
4. High visibility material used in manufacturing for spotting with drone camera from far off.
5. Foldable and durable, making it an effective way to ensure drone protection against crashes on uneven terrain.

These reasons make it an excellent choice to buy Landing Pad from Freewell Gear for any commercial drone, including the vast range of DJI drones.

Drone Landing Pad 75cm
Drone Landing Pad 110cm


The thousands of DJI drone users are always concerned about portability and storage solutions for their expensive and important commercial drones. There are numerous types of bags offered on the market that promise to protect your drone from physical damage while being transported.

However, the Freewell Gear Hard Carry Cases are the best choice to protect your drones. These carry cases are completely waterproof, with a hard outer covering. These are made from multiple layers of protection and cushioning materials to offer optimum security for your expensive drones.

Although you might think that a soft carry bag is easier for storage, the opposite is true. Softer carry bags are only meant to store and accessories so that you can carry them from one place to another. However, the Freewell Gear waterproof hard carry case is designed to prevent damage to the delicate drone electronics (camera, gimbal, lens, etc) and all its accessories, from shocks and bumps, while being transported. Getting caught in a rain while flying your drone outside? Don’t worry as the Freewell carry cases are completely waterproof, shockproof , dustrproof too, thus allowing you to store and carry your DJI drones efficiently, protected from rain.

DJI Mavic Waterproof Hard Case
DJI Mavic & Goggle Waterproof Hard Case
DJI Mavic & Spark Waterproof Hard Case
DJI Spark Waterproof Hard Case
DJI Goggle Waterproof Hard Case

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