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DJI drones are amongst the most popular commercial drones in the world. The Chinese brand is renowned for providing progressive technology into their drones and the cameras. DJI has become popular with amateur drone lovers, thanks to the affordable cost and the efficient technology. Professional aerial filmmakers have increasingly sought DJI drones to shoot some of the most stunning and cinematic footage.

Beauty of Long Exposure Photographs

One of the best techniques to add cinematic effect to your footage is to use long exposure. For many years now, long exposure photography used to be under-estimated amongst aerial photographers. Now, thanks to the ease of static hovering provided by commercial drones, aerial photographers can take stunning long exposure with DJI drones.

Simply speaking, long exposure photography requires keeping the camera shutter open for longer than normal period of time. This exposes the camera sensor to the light for a significantly longer time. Using long exposure photography techniques, you can effectively capture the elusive ‘motion blur’ in a static image, which makes it seem extremely mesmerizing. DJI drone long exposure shots are some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring.

Learn to Use Freewell Long Exposure Filters for Cinematic Motion Blur Photographs

To make sure our avid readers who are professional or amateur aerial photographers know all about capturing long exposure using DJI drones, we have enlisted the help of several expert drone photographers and YouTubers. Using the Freewell DJI ND1000 long exposure filter, these experienced photographers have devised several techniques to capture stunning DJI drone long exposure footage and photographs.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 techniques to use when taking long exposure shots using DJI drones:

# 1 – Jeff Greene – DJI Mavic Air Long Exposure Photography Tips

Jeff Greene is one of the top YouTubers to follow for expert reviews of the latest gadgets, especially drones and accessories. Apart from this, his over 4,600 followers learn more about cycling and travelling apart from drone photography tips.

According to Jeff, there are 3 main variable factors that dictate the quality of long exposure photography.

  • Aperture Value
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed

When using DJI Mavic Air, you cannot change the aperture value as it is permanently set at 2.8. The ISO value needs to be as low as possible, which is ideally at 100. Shutter speed is the main factor that determines the effectiveness in capturing motion blur using DJI Mavic Air long exposure photography.

Jeff suggests that the 4 things you need to take excellent DJI Mavic Air long exposure shots are:

  • DJI Mavic Air drone (camera)
  • Remote Controller (DJI GO4)
  • ND (Neutral Density) filters
  • Tripod Mode = ‘ON’

In his review, Jeff used the Freewell DJI Mavic Air Long Exposure 3-Pack, which has ND128, ND256 and ND400 filters in it. He also checked the effectiveness of the Freewell Mavic Air Filter ND1000 Long Exposure filter along with the Freewell DJI Mavic Air Filter ND2000 Long Exposure filter. All these tests were done in afternoon bright daylight conditions.

Jeff suggests using the ND128 filter, set at 7 f-stops, with an exposure of about ½ second to capture stunning DJI Mavic Air long exposure photographs. With the ND256 filter, set at 8 f-stops reduction, exposure time should be at 1 second mark for capturing perfect motion blur without over-exposure. When using the ND400 filter, set at 9 f-stops, the ideal exposure time is around 1.5 seconds. This shows that the Freewell DJI Mavic Air Long Exposure 3-Pack is effective for capturing stunning cinematic photographs in almost every daylight condition, with a tweak to the exposure time.

With the DJI Mavic Air Filters ND1000 Long Exposure filter from Freewell, set at 10 f-stops, the ideal exposure time was around 3 seconds. Using the Freewell DJI Mavic Air Filter ND2000 Long Exposure, set at 11 f-stops, the ideal exposure time was around 8 seconds.

Jeff Greene concludes in his review that the Freewell-produced long exposure ND filters are excellent for capturing stunning cinematic long exposure shots using your DJI Mavic Air drone’s camera.

# 2 – FlyPath (Aldryn Estacio) – DJI Mavic Pro Long Exposure Daylight Photography Tips

FlyPath, with over 45K subscribers, is one of the leading tech and gadget channels on YouTube. In this video, full-time creative designer and techie, Aldryn Estacio, shows you how to capture perfect DJI Mavic Air long exposure shots in daylight conditions using Freewell ND1000 filter. The ND1000 filter by Freewell Gear is an innovative and path-breaking drone camera ND filter as conventional ND filters range between ND4 and ND64.

The Freewell ND1000 long exposure filter is set at 10 f-stops reduction of light entering the camera lens. In this video, Aldryn explains how the extremely dark ND1000 filter allows you to control your shutter speed and keep it open for a longer time than normally. Thus, by simply lining up your shot for motion blur in broad daylight, you can control the shutter speed and capture stunning cinematic photographs using DJI Mavic Pro drone fitter with the Freewell ND1000 Long Exposure filter.

# 3 – RGMG Fitness Family & Run – ND1000 Filters, DJI Mavic Air Long Exposure Photo Tips

RGMG, although a family-based fitness and travel channel on YouTube, is also one of the most popular tech channels as well. With over 3,000 subscribers, Ron and Melissa, the couple who run this channel are followed for their clear insights into software, hardware and a bit of drone photography too.

In this video, Ron speaks about using the Freewell ND1000 long exposure with your DJI Mavic Air drone. Learn how to change the settings of your drone camera, which will make using Freewell ND1000 filter perfect for DJI Mavic Air long exposure photographs.

# 4 – Drone Supremacy – Best Settings for Drone Long Exposure Photos (ND128/256/400/2000 Filters)

Drone Supremacy is undoubtedly one of the top drone-based YouTube channels today. With over 14,000 subscribers, Drone Supremacy is the leading source for information on drones, drone cameras, drone filters, drone accessories and drone flying/photography tips.

In this video, you can learn how to capture cinematic motion blur with your DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone long exposure photography skills. Learn which settings need to be changed in your drone camera, when using each filter – each for ND128, ND256, ND400 and ND2000 filters from Freewell Gear.

# 5 – Mauro’s Films – How to Long Exposure photos with DJI Mavic Air ND1000 Filter Freewell

Mauro’s Films remains one of the most-watched YouTube channels today. It has nearly 15,000 subscribers logging in to check out the expert reviews based on drone technology as well as instructional videos on everything relating to drones and drone photography.

In this video, we learn the tricks to shoot DJI Mavic Air long exposure photographs using the Freewell ND1000 long exposure filter. See how the ND1000 long exposure filter from Freewell Gear darkens the lens enough to adjust the shutter speed. The video is also an excellent way to brush up on your editing skills when capturing long exposure photographs.

Freewell Gear is the brand which introduced the ND1000 filter to the drone world. With this excellent drone camera lens from Freewell, now even amateur drone photographers can capture stunning, professional-quality long exposure photographs using their DJI drones.

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