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Drone flying is one of the top trendiest hobbies today. The drone regulations around the world have become clearer recently. This has paved way for thousands of drone enthusiasts to turn their dreams into reality. Commercial drones are one of the most expensive tools today. It would be a sore mistake if you consider a commercial drone as a toy.

Buying a drone is an important decision. It is one of the most advanced pieces of aerial technology sold commercially. A quick search in Google will get you loads of articles and blogs about reviews. However, nothing is more satisfying than watching the results on YouTube.

DJI Mavic Air is one of the most popular commercial drones today. The Chinese drone-makers have outdone the competition with this lighter and more agile drone. Professional aerial cinematographers are realizing the high potential that this compact drone provides. Apart from its own features, the wide range of accessories available for it makes it an excellent aerial videography tool.

Top 8 YouTube Channels for Expert DJI Mavic Air Accessories Test and Reviews

There are numerous YouTube channels and authors who are renowned for their DJI Mavic Air reviews and tutorials. A handful of these have been picked for your convenience. This list provides a list of drone flying and aerial photography experts. Check out the channels and the great videos for accurate reviews and easy tutorials.

1. We Talk UAV – Learn about Freewell DJI Mavic Air All Day Filter pack Functions and Uses

We Talk UAV, is certainly one of the most popular YouTube channels amongst drone lovers. Over 20,000 subscribers tune in to watch the expert reviews on drones and accessories. This channel is an excellent way to learn more about using the right filter with DJI Mavic Air drone.

The review of Freewell DJI Mavic Air All Day Filter 8-pack is one of the most informative ones. This video explicitly shows the immense improvement in quality of aerial videography using Freewell DJI Mavic Air filters.

Apart from this the channel also showcases review for the advanced rugged carry case from Freewell for DJI Mavic Air. Make sure to check out this video to learn the comfort and security provided by this for carrying and storing your drone.

2. Peter Homer – Landing Pads, Launching Pads and more

Peter Homer is another popular YouTube author who has a following of over 9,000 subscribers. An expert authority on drone accessories, Peter Homer recognizes the impressive quality that Freewell drone filters and accessories provide.

Watching his videos is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get an accurate know-how of the latest in drone technology. Budding drone photographers can learn about choosing the right Landing Pad for your valuable DJI Mavic Air drone.

3. MAURO’S FILMS – Carry Your Mavic Air in Style and Safety with Rugged Carry Case Review

Funny, yet informative, that is what MAURO’S FILMS is all about. This YouTube channel is the place to get hands-on reviews and convenient tutorials about drones, cameras and traveling.

Professional aerial cinematographers need to check out the video in which Mauro reviews the Freewell conventional carry case and the advanced hard-shell carry case. These are designed to carry your DJI Mavic Air, its controller, 4 additional Intelligent Flight batteries, along with a few filters. Mauro perfectly describes the compactness, lightweight and surprisingly strong protection that Freewell carry cases provide.

4. RGMG – Know about ND1000 filters

RGMG is one of the most versatile YouTube channels. It features everything from fitness to fun. The husband-wife duo operates the vlog as part time. However this does not mean there is any lack of information on this channel.

Check out their video showing drone lovers the perfect way to capture long exposure photographs using Freewell ND1000 filter from Freewell. After having tested the Freewell filter, the authors highly recommend it for capturing stunning cinematic long exposure shots with it. Learn how the simple Screw-On design makes it a convenient tool for professional and amateur aerial photographers.

5. Jeff Greene – Pros and Cons of Freewell DJI Mavic Air Accessories

Expert drone photographer Jeff Greene reviews DJI Mavic Air essential and additional accessories from Freewell. Using simple language, this is one of the best ways to learn the pros and cons of the various Freewell accessories.

From the Freewell Launching/Landing Pad, rugged Freewell Carry Case, Freewell DJI Mavic Air All Day ND Filter 8-pack, ND1000 filter for DJI Mavic Air, to gimbal guards this channel will give a quick and precise review of each item.

6. Drone Supremacy – Know All About Capturing Long Exposure with DJI Mavic Air

Considered to be one of the foremost authorities on drones, Drone Supremacy is THE source of information about latest news and reviews of drones and accessories. Beginners can benefit greatly from the simple tips in tutorials here to improve their photography skills even more.

Drone Supremacy YouTube channel owner, Mike, takes you on a detailed explanation on how to capture the best long exposure shots using your DJI Mavic Air. In a short 6-minute video tutorial he teaches you the expert’s way to capture stunning long exposure shots using Freewell filters with your DJI Mavic Air drone.

7. Ian in London – Polarized and ND Filters Explained

Ian in London is one of the leading expert vloggers on drones. Seeing the immense importance of ND and Polarized filters, Ian explains the basics and use of Freewell ND and Polarized filters in his video.

Watch the video to learn how you can reduce unwanted glare from marring your aerial photos. This short 7-minute video also works as a perfect refresher course for professional aerial cinematographers as well.

8. CAPTAIN DRONE – Reviewing Hard Carry Cases for Your DJI Mavic Air Drone

Check out prominent YouTube drone expert, Captain Drone, explain the necessity of a rugged carry case. In this video you will learn the importance of having a convenient and safe carry case for your DJI Mavic Air drone. The Freewell rugged carry case comes on top, thanks to the superior lightweight yet strong material, compact design and flexibly storage options.

Make sure to subscribe to these expert YouTube channels to get the latest news and reviews about drones. Learning from expert feedback is the best way to decide which drone, filter and accessory you need to buy.

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