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Are We Going to See the DJI Phantom 5 Soon?

In the world of commercial drones, there are very few brands that integrate increasingly advanced features into their successive models. DJI, the global drone makers from China is certainly one of them. From its Mavic series to the DJI Phantom series of drones, we have been significantly impressed with the progressively innovative features in each model and variant.

Recently, the global drone flying and aerial photography community has been buzzing with the rumors of the launch of the latest-in-line from the Phantom drone series – the DJI Phantom 5 drone. Although speculation is rife whether the Chinese drone makers will launch their Phantom 4 Pro V2 before, the pictures of the rumored Phantom 5 are what has gotten fans so excited.

Our experts came together to find out the truth behind the rumors. We collected all relevant information and it seems highly likely that the Phantom 5 will have some cool features in it.

Phantom 5

Expected Advances in DJI Phantom 5

So check out these 5 likely improvements that you can expect to see on the rumored DJI Phantom 5 drone:

1. Longer flight time

The rumored DJI Phantom 5 is expected to have a significantly longer flight time than its predecessors. As the Phantom 4 Pro is able to give around 30 minutes of flight time, the Phantom 5 is expected to allow you to fly it for at least 35 minutes.

Phantom 5

2. Longer control range

The DJI Phantom 5 is also likely to have a range which is longer than the Phantom 4 Pro’s, which is around 7,000 meters. For the Phantom 5 to impress its fans, it needs to have a flight range of at least 8,000 meters. Some experts even talk about the range of Phantom 5 being somewhere around 10,000 meters. Even if the significant range of 7,000 meters is achieved by the Phantom 5, experts expect it to have remarkably improved signal strength.

Phantom 5

3. Advanced camera

As the Inspire 2 from DJI already comes equipped with an excellent 5K camera, the Phantom 5 is also expected to have better and upgraded video processing capabilities. Apart from this, experts are of the opinion that the Phantom 5 will have lenses that can be easily changed by the user. The recent partnership between DJI and Swedish camera company, Hasselblad, rumors are also rife about DJI entering into the lens business as well. Imagine the immense flexibility that aerial cinematographers will achieve, in terms of changing focal length and improving image quality, if the proprietary lens on the Phantom 5 could be easily swapped for the appropriate one.

Phantom 5

4. Upgraded Obstacle Avoidance System

The Phantom 5 is also expected to come with an impressive array of sensors on all sides to provide efficient rear, front, top, bottom and sideways obstacle avoiding. This comprehensive safety feature will provide an even safer and smoother flight.

5. Other upgrades

Apart from longer flight time, better camera and flying range, the Phantom 5 is also expected to have gesture control, which could be even more sophisticated and diverse than we saw in the DJI Spark mini drone. The intuitive gesture control allows it to be ready for flight within a few seconds. Even if the Phantom 5 does not have gesture control, owing to the larger size, we can still expect it to be ready for flight faster than its predecessors.

Apart from this, experts also expect that the Phantom 5 will likely have waterproof capabilities, much like we see in the Matrice range of drones.

Phantom 5

All in all, the rumor mills are still churning at great speed with high expectations from the fans. We hope that apart from the above-mentioned likely features, DJI will impress us once again with an advanced, efficient and excellent commercial drone.

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