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This week I received some items from Freewell Gear for the DJI Mavic Air.
One was the new Freewell Gear Rugged Carry Case.

Made from strong lightweight black PU material it offers a good amount of protection compared to the cases you get in both the standard and the Fly More Combo from DJI.

Externally its fitted with a carry handle thats rubber covered to make it comfortable in the hand, this is cross stitched on each side to ensure it remains attached over the life of the case.

On each side there are buckles to attach the included shoulder strap. The case is held closed with protected duel zips that ensure the lid is kept closed and the dirt and dust is kept out.


When you open the lid you will find a generous amount of resilient EVA foam that keeps everything protected and in place, no matter if you have the standard package or the flymore you will be able to get everything in with plenty of storage for the craft and its accessories.

Its designed to carry the DJI Mavic Air with its battery fitted, 4 additonal batteries, power adaptor, charging dock, remote controller, an iPad Mini sized tablet and smaller accessories like props, guards and ND filters.

A nice touch is Freewell have made the remote cutout large enough to store it with the sticks fitted so this means you don’t have to keep removing them between flights.

When you remove the Mavic Air you will find some additional storage below for the charge hub from the fly more combo , if you don’t have that you could use this space to store some cables or ND Filters ect.

The inside of the lid is covered with a back cloth mesh that has a zip for accessing the additional storage, in here toy can store your tablet as well as prop guards and some additional accessories.


Overall it’s a great little case and the PU casing is strong and offers a fair amount of protection. On top of that there is plenty of foam between the contents and the sides so that even if it does take a large impact your drone should remain safe and secure inside.

Costing just $40 I think its a really good deal and as usual with Freewell Gear it included their Lifetime warranty.

You can order this case from Freewell’s website.


Author :: Ian Lewis

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