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Capturing excellent photographs using cameras is surely a skill. It also requires immense practice apart from having a keen eye for focusing and adjusting the light entering the camera lens. Today, with the advent of advanced filters it has become more efficient to avoid using expensive after-effect software and choose to give the desired effect using camera lens filters.

Types of filters and filter rings in the market

Camera lens filters mainly come in two types:
Circular (Screw-On) lens filters
These are designed to fit the camera lens perfectly due to their similarly round shape. These are attached by screwing them on to the thread provided at the outer end of every camera lens. The ideal size of a filter should always be the same as the camera lens size although the thread is significantly smaller in diameter as compared to the actual diameter of the lens. The difference between the circumferences of the lens and the filter is covered efficiently by the filter ring.
Although most companies manufacture colored filter rings, a handful of advanced and expert brands also provide highly-efficient and ideal black filter rings.
Square/Rectangular lens filters
These are made of glass or resin and are distinctly square or rectangular in shape. These do not require a filter ring but use a filter holder to attach to the lens.

Disadvantages of colored filter rings

Almost all of the filter rings come in varying colors and are almost always made using opaque materials. This allows light to ‘leak in’ to the camera lens from besides the filter and spoils the picture.
There are numerous brands and companies that claim to provide the best camera lens filters and filter rings for attaching your filters to the DSLR or action cameras perfectly. However, according to photography experts, a colored filter ring’s main disadvantage lies in the fact that it does not insulate the camera lens from unwanted interference from external light.
This is the main point of argument which works in favor of buying a black colored filter ring instead of a colored one to ensure that the camera lens is completely sealed off from any unwanted entry of light into the lens. This allows you to get perfect footage and crystal-clear images.

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