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A New Dimension of Aerial Photography: All Day Filter Kit for Air 3 Drone

by Freewell
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For drone enthusiasts and content creators, the All Day 8-Pack Filter Kit is a game-changer. Specifically designed for the Air 3 drone, this comprehensive kit is your key to capturing exceptional aerial shots.

Embrace All Lighting Conditions:

The kit includes a range of filters – ND, ND/PL, and CPL – ensuring you’re equipped to handle various lighting situations. Whether it’s the glaring sun or overcast skies, these filters enhance your visuals.

GimbalSafe Technology:

Rest easy about your drone’s gimbal. Freewell’s GimbalSafe Technology guarantees the filters’ lightweight build won’t harm your gimbal. Your creative shots can now be executed with confidence.

Superior Coating for Unparalleled Quality:

The filters are coated to be Dustproof, Scratch-resistant, Oilproof, and Color Neutral. This guarantees sharpness, vibrant colors, and clarity for your outdoor shots.

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ND/PL Hybrid Filters – The Perfect Combo:

Simplify your equipment with ND/Polarizer Hybrid Filters. By combining both functions, these filters offer rich contrast, reduced glare, and vibrant colors, all in one.

ND Filters for Natural Results:

Bright days won’t compromise your shots anymore. The ND Filters manage excessive light, allowing your camera sensor to preserve the natural colors of your footage.

The Complete Kit for Every Lighting Condition:

The Freewell All Day 8-Pack includes an array of filters – ND4/PL, ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL, ND64/PL, CPL, ND1000, and ND2000. From cloudy to sunny days, this kit has your back. Additionally, a Protective Bag and Cleaning Cloth are included for proper maintenance.

Ready to step up your drone photography game? Discover endless creative possibilities with the Freewell All Day 8-Pack Filter Kit. Elevate your aerial photography experience today.

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