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Samsung Galaxy S24 Grainy Display Issues
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Grainy Display Issues

by Freewell
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Samsung’s latest Galaxy S24 series has garnered attention not just for its features but also for some reported display issues. While the company is actively working on resolving certain problems, one new concern seems to be emerging – grainy displays.

Washed-Out Displays and Samsung’s Response

Among the display issues, some users have reported washed-out screens. Samsung has acknowledged this problem and is planning to release an update to address it. The upcoming update will introduce a vibrance slider, offering users more control over color saturation than previous Galaxy devices, which only had Natural and Vivid modes.

The New Challenge: Grainy Displays

In addition to the washed-out displays, there are reports of Galaxy S24 units exhibiting grainy displays. This issue doesn’t appear to affect every device, as not all Galaxy S24 units seem to have this problem. It’s a matter that requires attention, nonetheless.

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Details of the Grainy Display Problem

Redditor u/odeloeht highlighted the grainy display issue. When observing dark gray backgrounds, visible grain became apparent as the screen struggled to maintain consistent brightness. Upon close examination with a microscope, inconsistencies in brightness across the sub-pixels were noted, particularly evident at lower brightness levels.

Bright Side

Fortunately, the grainy display issue is most noticeable at extremely low brightness settings, such as 10%. At higher brightness levels, the problem becomes less apparent, making it less likely to impact regular daily usage.

Samsung’s Display Legacy

Samsung has a strong reputation for crafting stunning displays, making these reported issues surprising. Despite being a renowned display company, it appears the Galaxy S24 series is facing challenges that need prompt attention.

While Samsung is actively working on addressing display issues, users must stay informed about updates and fixes. The upcoming vibrance slider is a positive step, offering users enhanced control over display settings. As for the grainy display problem, awareness and potential solutions are essential for a smoother user experience. Samsung enthusiasts and Galaxy S24 users can look forward to improvements as the company continues to refine and enhance its latest flagship series.


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