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Most Versatile VND system on the market: VND2-5丨VND6-9丨CPL丨ND32/CPL丨VNDXMIST2-5丨VNDXMIST6-9丨GLOW MIST. Optics: Pure High Definition Optical glass 18Layers Multicoated Built: Made of CNC Metal Frame construction with Magnets What is Included: VND2-5/CPL, VND6-9/ND32-CPL, VND Base, MISTXVND Base, Base Ring, Lens Cap, Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, Protective Case.
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You’ll find the ND filters that are perfect for you here. Landscape photographers who want to shoot long exposure sun and water will love the 6-stop ND filter. The addition of a 6-stop ND filter expands the camera’s capabilities and produces amazing results. When it comes to portrait photography, however, …