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Autel Evo Max 4T drone

Autel Evo Max 4T drone

by Freewell
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Pre-orders for the new Autel drone that comes with a three-camera payload system is now accepted in Adorama.

A 48 MP phone camera with 10x optical zoom, 160x digital zoom, and a 0.5 inch CMOS sensor are included with this drone.

There is also an infrared camera with a 640×512 resolution and a 1.2 km range, in addition to a 50 MP wide-angle camera with a 1/1.28 inch CMOS sensor and 3840×2160 video resolution.

The Evo Max 4T is made for tasks like search and rescue, assistance with firefighting, mapping, and inspection in high-interference locations like cities.

To ensure flying safety and stability, the Autel drone equipped the aircraft with omnidirectional object avoidance and tri-anti-interference capabilities.

Autel sensors can effortlessly navigate through impenetrable walls, below earth, or in environments devoid of GPS.

With its built-in “Autel Autonomy Engine,” the EVO Max 4T can function in low light or rain thanks to its ability to perceive things as small as 0.5 inches.

With a service ceiling of 23,000 feet, an image transmission range of up to 12.4 miles, and a maximum wind resistance of 27 miles per hour, this new Autel drone can fly for up to 42 minutes. Additionally, the IP43 weather resistance rating for this drone.

The Autel A-Mesh 1.0 system, which the company says is the first mesh networking solution for the drone industry and enables drone-to-drone autonomous communication, connection, and collaboration is also compatible with the EVO Max 4T.

It is expected to start shipping at the end of Q1 2023.

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