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DJI Mini 4 Leaked? Also, an update on DJI Air 3 leaks.

by Freewell
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DJI seems to have a lot in store for us in the coming months and years. Today, we’ll explore some of these leaks shared by numerous Twitter accounts dedicated to capturing and sharing information. It’s fascinating to see a growing community of individuals committed to bringing us these updates.

Now, let’s dive into the leaks. First off, we have something unexpected: the DJI Mini 4 Pro. Share your thoughts in the comments if you’re already looking forward to an update for this drone. Although it may feel a bit soon and perhaps unnecessary, it’s unlikely to be released anytime soon. The leaked picture of what appears to be a more refined Mini 4 Pro model reveals interesting differences and similarities compared to its predecessor.

Notably, the front sensors resemble those found on larger DJI drones, and there might even be additional sensors for side coverage. However, it’s essential to note that these leaks do not indicate an imminent release, and I wouldn’t recommend delaying any purchasing decisions based on them.

Moving on, we have updates on the highly anticipated Air 3. While leaks and rumors continue to surface, we’re yet to see substantial details.

However, recent tweets suggest possible pricing for the drone, with the new RCN2 controller estimated to cost around 1100.5 euros and the RC2 package likely to be around 1300 euros. These prices seem reasonable and could attract strong sales.

Additionally, a leaked image showcasing what appears to be the new RCN2 controller. Although there’s limited information available, the image clearly resembles an RC-style controller with a different phone attachment mechanism.

More details are expected to emerge after DJI’s current sale ends on the 30th, which might indicate an upcoming announcement.

Lastly, we come to a rather peculiar leak—an image displaying a concept or pre-production unit that leaves us with numerous questions. This drone resembles a small-sized Mavic with raised arms reminiscent of the Enterprise Inspire series.

Notably, it features an RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) module, suggesting advanced precision capabilities. A foldable drone of this size with such capabilities would be particularly appealing to enterprise users looking to operate drones near people.

However, due to the limited information available and the unconventional appearance, it’s challenging to determine the exact purpose or specifications of this drone.

As we anticipate the release of new models, cross-compatibility and potential backward compatibility with existing DJI drones are worth considering. DJI has demonstrated a commitment to backward compatibility, allowing controllers to be shared across different models.

Whether OcuSync 4 will be introduced remains uncertain, but DJI has surprised us in the past with transmission technology advancements. It will be interesting to see how these factors play out in the upcoming releases.

That concludes our quick update on the recent leaks. We appreciate your thoughts and comments, so please share your opinions in the comments section.

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