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DJI OSMO Pocket – Reviewing its Features and Advantages

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Photography has become one of the top trends all over the world. Thanks to the omnipresence of the smart phone in almost every pocket there is no lack of cameras today. A large percentage of these users are turning to more advanced cameras when the photography-bug bites them. The ability to capture stunning and memorable moments forever in the most beautiful way is one of the most attractive aspects of photography, be it casual DSLR or drone photography.
However, as the DSLR camera is a significant investment, not to talk about the expensive cost of buying its accessories and lenses, the commercial drone is also regulated with tight restrictions on areas you are allowed to fly and photograph with them. Although you can always use you smart phone to capture selfies or videos, the quality provided by a professional-grade camera is felt lacking in these pictures.


Hence, DJI, the leading Chinese camera and drone makers have introduced the DJI OSMO Pocket, an innovatively designed tiny camera which is mounted on a small but powerful hand-held 3-axis gimbal. This is one of the brand’s most awesome products till date and is set to revolutionize the action-camera industry.
Many tech experts are calling the DJI OSMO Pocket the smallest mechanically-stabilized camera in the market till date.

DJI OSMO Pocket Specifications

Before getting into the details of what makes the DJI OSMO Pocket an innovative and revolutionary hand-held camera it’s important to know the specifications and features of DJI OSMO Pocket.

• Length – 121.9 cm
• Breadth – 28.6 cm
• Width – 36.9 cm
• Weight – 116 grams

• Gimbal – 3-axis mechanically-stabilized
• Motors – 3 (Tilt Motor, Pan Motor and Roll Motor)

• Sensor – 1 / 2.3 “ CMOS
• Video quality – 4K (1080p) @ 60 fps
• Bitrate – 100 Mbps
• FOV – 80˚
• Aperture – f/2.0
• Photo quality – 12 MP
• Resolution – 1.55 µm
• Modes – Story, FPV, ActiveTrack, 3×3 Panorama, Motionlapse and NightShot
• Editing App – DJI Mimo

• Storage capacity – 875 mAh
• Operating time – 140 minutes

DJI OSMO Pocket Features and Benefits

In light of these impressively innovative specifications, the DJI OSMO Pocket has been termed as being one the lightest, most portable, pocket-friendly intelligent shooting hand-held camera in the market with remarkable loss of stability in video or picture quality.
Now, let’s go through these impressive specifications and features and find out how they help to revolutionize personal photography forever:

Great Gimbal

The DJI OSMO Pocket features a unique 3-axis gimbal system. The leaders in innovation actually developed an innovative way to make micro-scale production possible and made the smallest 3-axis gimbal till date. This miniature tri-axis gimbal is designed with a mechanical stabilization base and uses brushless motors to provide impressively fine and smoothest video quality at all times.
The innovative 3-axis gimbal allows you to capture memories in cinematic quality videos and images always.

Completely Compact

The DJI OSMO Pocket presents the always-innovative spirit of the leading Chinese brand. The candy-bar sized camera has been designed to allow amateur and professional photographers and video-bloggers to conveniently capture clear and sharp cinema-quality videos and photos instantly.

Smart Cooling

The DJI OSMO Pocket incorporates an innovative passive cooling system, which does not require using a fan, and thus gives you more battery power for longer periods of shooting. The unique cooling system is designed to dissipate the heat all along the product, which ensures longer and consistent use.

Good Grip

The DJI OSMO Pocket features a one-of-a-kind sandstone handle which is extremely ergonomic and highly-convenient for functioning. The sandstone grip prevents the camera from slipping or sliding from your hands, even when wet or slippery. The compact design also features an interactive integrated touch-screen and buttons for a single-handed use.

Cool Camera

As you can see, the ability to capture 4K videos at 60 fps is an effortless task with the DJI OSMO Pocket’s advanced 1 / 2.3-inch CMOS camera sensor, which can capture smoothest 1080p videos at your whim.
The high-quality camera is further supported in improving quality with the use of various camera modes. These include impressive camera modes, such as FPV (First Person View) that allows you to capture everything from your personal perspective. The shots captured are immensely smooth and look cinematic indeed. The ActiveTrack mode, activated by simply tapping on the object over the touch-screen and the camera follows the object smoothly. This works great with the selfie mode as well as the camera will always keep your face in the middle of the picture. The 3×3 Panorama mode is excellent to capture stunning and wide shots of panoramic views. Motionlapse is another impressive camera mode which allows you to shrink the whole day’s (or night’s) videos into a short time-lapse video. Not only is the OSMO Pocket from DJI excellent for daytime photography, but is also equipped with the NightShot mode that allows you to capture smooth and sharp pictures and videos, especially in low-lit conditions.

Advanced Editing App

Not only are the physical and technical aspects of DJI OSMO Pocket revolutionary in camera technology, the ultra-convenient handheld camera becomes better with the DJI Mimo editing app. The My Story mode allows you to pre-set the camera movements before starting to shoot a video, thus giving you a professional, cinematic personal video in no time.
Wonderfully Waterproof
The DJI OSMO Pocket has been designed to revolutionize action cameras, and is able to operate optimally at a depth of 60 meters underwater. It’s impressive camera is able to capture high-quality footage even at the depths where there is very low light.

Awesome Audio

Not only is the video quality of the OSMO Pocket excellent, our experts’ reviews showed that the tiny built-in microphone is able to capture voices extremely clear and is able to prevent noise to a satisfactory level as well.

Universal Port

Last, but not least, the universal port situated right where your thumb would be on the handheld camera allows you to easily attach not only your smartphone to the device but is also made to connect a wide range of other conventional accessories as well.

Better Buy – DJI OSMO Pocket vs GoPro HERO7 Black

The buzz around DJI OSMO Pocket as being a competition for the impressive GoPro HERO 7 Black has been doing the rounds since a long time now.
Although some argue that the OSMO Pocket is meant as a handheld compact gimbal the HERO 7 Black is an action camera and the comparison between the two is moot. However there are others who would still consider comparing the OSMO Pocket with the HERO 7 as the former is able to capture 4K videos at 60 fps, similar to any high-end action camera, including the HERO 7 Black.
However, the compact and intelligent DJI OSMO Pocket price is around USD 349 whereas the comparatively bulkier GoPro HERO 7 Black price is around USD 399 which is a considerable difference, especially for beginners and enthusiasts.
Hence, according to our experts, after reviewing every aspect, feature and function of the DJI OSMO Pocket handheld compact gimbal camera, the conclusion is that the lower-priced OSMO Pocket is definitely the better buy, as compared to the higher-priced HERO 7 Black.

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