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V2 Magnetic Hybrid VND CPL Filter System | Mastering Your Cinematic Shots

by Freewell
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In the fast-evolving world of videography and photography, getting that perfect cinematic shot can be a challenging task. The balance of a Variable ND (VND) filter with a Circular Polarizer (CPL) filter has been a common solution to achieve the desired effects. However, in the past, combining these filters often led to issues like color shifting and cross-polarization. But fear not, as we introduce the groundbreaking V2 Magnetic Hybrid VND CPL Filter System, designed to tackle these problems head-on.

V2 Magnetic Hybrid VND CPL Filter System: The Perfect Cinematic Companion

True Color Coding for Flawless Shots
With the new V2 system, color shift and cross-polarization problems are a thing of the past. The integration of true color coding ensures your shots maintain their original colors, making your cinematic creations more vibrant and lifelike.

Future-Proof Design
The V2 system is future-proof, offering an 82mm adapter for convenience. If your lens has a different thread size, you can easily purchase the corresponding adapter separately on our website.

V2 Magnetic Hybrid VND CPL Filter

Simple Installation
To get started, attach the adapter ring based on your lens thread size, and then magnetically attach the filter. There’s a screw that should be left slightly loose, allowing you to rotate the back of the filter to set the operation. Secure it in place by threading the screw.

Two-in-One Functionality
The V2 filter isn’t just a VND filter; it’s also a CPL filter. Adjust the polarization as needed, and if you require a darker density, simply rotate the filter. This innovative design saves you the hassle of carrying two separate filters.

Enhanced Versatility with Optional Filters

V2 Magnetic Hybrid VND CPL Filter

We offer optional filters like Snow Mist, Glow Mist, and Neutral Streak. You can easily attach these filters in front of the 3 to 7-stop filter. But here’s the exciting part: you can also use these optional filters standalone. Remove the 3 to 7-stop filter, rotate the optional filter to the opposite side, and thread it in place. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different shooting environments seamlessly.

Protection and Convenience
The back cap serves two functions – protecting your filter or attaching it to the adapter ring. Protect your filter from scratches by attaching the back cap or safeguarding your lens when using just the adapter ring.

Things to be noted.

Focal Length Compatibility: For full-frame lenses and cameras, such as the Sony A7 Mark IV with a 16-35mm G Master lens, the 3 to 7-stop filter is ideal for lenses above 16mm in video mode. The Mist filter works well up to 17mm, and when used alone, it’s effective from about 18mm.

Compatibility: This filter system is not compatible with any previous Freewell filter systems due to its unique design for optimal performance.

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