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Samsung Galaxy S23 and S24 Series Now Support Blackmagic Camera App

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Blackmagic Design, renowned for its high-quality digital film cameras and DaVinci Resolve software, has launched its professional-grade Blackmagic Camera app for Android. Initially introduced for iPhones last September, the app now supports select Samsung and Pixel smartphones, offering advanced photography features for free.

Limited Compatibility with Samsung and Pixel Phones

As of now, the Blackmagic Camera app is compatible only with certain Samsung and Google Pixel phones. For Samsung users, the app works with the Galaxy S23 and S24 series. Pixel enthusiasts can use the app on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 lineups. Despite its limited availability, the app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

The company hasn’t provided a timeline for expanding support to more Android devices, but given its popularity on iPhones, there’s hope for broader compatibility in the future.

Professional-Grade Features for Free

The Blackmagic Camera app offers a host of high-end photography features tailored for professional photographers, completely free of charge. The interface on Android mirrors that of the iOS version, featuring an overlaid heads-up display with critical information. Users can shoot videos in both 16:9 and vertical aspect ratios and capture footage in space-efficient H.264 and H.265 formats.

The app includes professional audio options like VU or PPM audio meters and other advanced monitoring tools such as Zebra settings. These tools help with checking exposure, focus assist, and frame guides. Additionally, the app boasts a built-in chat workspace, allowing Blackmagic Cloud project members to discuss shots and share creative ideas seamlessly.


Stunning Video Capabilities

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra users can shoot breathtaking 8K videos using the Blackmagic Camera app. For Google Pixel users, video capture is limited to 4K quality on the Pixel 8 Pro, which has a less powerful camera system. The app also supports saving footage directly to Blackmagic’s cloud service, making recorded videos easily accessible to others.

Filters and Lenses for iphone 15Pro/Max, 14 Pro/Max, 13 Pro/Max, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra.

Filters and Lenses for iphone 15Pro/Max, 14 Pro/Max, 13 Pro/Max, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and S24 Ultra.

The arrival of the Blackmagic Camera app on Android marks a significant milestone for mobile filmmakers and professional photographers. While its current compatibility is limited to select Samsung and Pixel smartphones, the app’s advanced features and free availability make it a valuable tool for high-quality mobile videography. As Blackmagic Design continues to expand support to more devices, the future looks bright for Android users eager to elevate their photography game.


1. Which Android phones are compatible with the Blackmagic Camera app?

The app currently supports Samsung Galaxy S23 and S24 series, as well as Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 8 lineups.

2. Is the Blackmagic Camera app free?

Yes, the app is available for free on the Google Play Store.

3. Can I shoot 8K videos with the Blackmagic Camera app?

Yes, but only on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Pixel phones are limited to 4K video capture.

4. Will the app support more Android devices in the future?

While there’s no official timeline, it’s likely that Blackmagic Design will expand support given the app’s popularity on iPhones.

5. What professional features does the app offer?

The app includes advanced audio meters, exposure settings, focus assist, frame guides, and a built-in chat workspace for collaborative projects.

For more details on this app, you can check out Blackmagic Design’s official website.


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