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Which Phones does the DJI OSMO Pocket work with?

by FreewellGear
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The DJI OSMO Pocket has received great customer reviews from all over the world. The tiny handheld camera gimbal offers unprecedented levels of efficiency for video-making.
What makes DJI OSMO Pocket a great product are all the immensely advanced features integrated in it. The 3-axiz mechanical gimbal has proven remarkably effective in giving optimal image stabilization, as compared to conventional electronic and digital image stabilization technology. The OSMO Pocket is equipped with a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor within the 12 MP camera. The OSMO Pocket lets you capture stunning 4K quality videos at 24 – 60 fps. The OSMO Pocket also captures cinematic Full HD videos at 24 – 120 fps. The compact but powerful 875 mAh Lithium-Polymer battery allows you to take videos for over 140 minutes in ideal condition.
These efficient features make the DJI OSMO Pocket a top choice for amateur video-makers as well as professional action video-makers alike.
There have been numerous queries of chat forums all over the world asking about the mobile device compatibility of the DJI OSMO Pocket. Here we have the types of phones that are compatible to operate DJI OSMO Pocket.

DJI OSMO Pocket Compatible Smartphones

Fortunately, the DJI OSMO Pocket handheld camera gimbal works equally effectively with Android and iOS powered smartphones and tablets. In addition, you can also connect other types of phones which have a Micro-USB slot, using a special adapter or cable.

DJI OSMO Pocket Compatible with Android and iPhone

When you buy the DJI OSMO Pocket the magnetic connectors for Lightning Ports for iPhones and USB-C Ports for Android smartphones are included in the box. These can be used to connect your DJI OSMO Pocket gimbal directly with an Android or iPhone.
You can also connect your DJI OSMO Pocket wirelessly to your smartphone by simply buying the special wireless adapter available on DJI website.
Although the company expressly says that your DJI OSMO Pocket camera does not support Micro-USB, there is a simple way around this too.

DJI OSMO Pocket Micro-USB Connectivity

There is a simple hack to enable Micro-USB connectivity in your DJI OSMO Pocket. You can either use an adapter similar to the Apple USB-C – USB dongle or use a USB-C – Mirco-USB cable. This allows you to connect your DJI OSMO Pocket easily with devices that support Micro-USB.
It is important to use a good-quality USB cable yet there is no guarantee that it will support using DJI OSMO Pocket with every Micro-USB device.

DJI OSMO Pocket Supports Android 5.0 and iOS 10

DJI OSMO Pocket requires the DJI Mimo app to operate. The Mimo App is optimized for use in Android and iOS devices.
Although DJI OSMO Pocket easily works with Android 5.0 powered smartphones and iOS 10 devices, it is highly recommended to use the latest version of Android or iOS devices. The latest versions of iOS and Android allow you easy access to multiple advanced camera features, such as motion-lapse and panoramic videos. The latest Android or iOS will also help keep your DJI OSMO Pocket firmware updated.

DJI OSMO Pocket Tablet and iPad Compatibility

The DJI Mimo app required to optimize DJI OSMO Pocket’s features is designed to run on smartphones that are powered by at least Android 5.0 or iOS 10.
Simply connect the OSMO Pocket to your Android tablet and iPad using either a cable to connect through the USB-C port at its base or you can use the magnetic dongles too.
You can also download the Mimo App on your iPad or Android tablet too. However, as the Mimo app is not optimized for use with tablets or iPad the display may prove to be disheartening. Users reported that the Mimo app fills the entire screen when operated on Android tablets but it remains in the default smaller size when operated in iPads.

It is always recommended to use high-quality, branded cables and adapters when connecting your DJI OSMO Pocket to your Android smartphone or iPhone. Freewell Gear, the leading camera accessories makers provides a selection of top-quality connector and adapters for action cameras, including DJI OSMO Pocket.

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