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  • The GoPro Hero 11 is the company’s newest flagship action camera. There are no line-up rumors, but when we dug deep, this is what we found.
  • Once GoPro has changed its lineup, the Hero 11 Black might be seen as the obvious successor to the Hero 10 Black. In September 2022, the GoPro Hero 11 Black is most likely to be unveiled.
  • The GoPro Hero 8 was announced in mid-October, unlike all other GoPro models from 2017 to the present.
  • Due to rising inflation across all GoPro markets, the price of the GoPro Hero 11 may be seen as an interesting element. Here is a collection of the Hero 11 rumors that are currently circulating.
  • The shell of this edition was 10mm taller and 9mm wider than the previous one. You don’t need a separate mount case because of the built-in mount fingers.
  • It is said to be capable of having a mounting point with a 1/4 inch thread. It might enable you to directly mount the camera to a tripod plate.
  • The GoPro Hero 11 might include a larger rear display, removing part of the dead space surrounding the 2.27-inch back LED of the Hero 10 Black, giving you a more comfortable method to arrange your images and use the system UI.
  • The next metrics to think about would be new and large sensors. The Sony IMX677 would make its third appearance with the GoPro Hero 11 Black.
  • The sensor utilized by different GoPro models is shown below for reference.
    • Hero 3 Black, Hero 4 Black, and Hero 5 Black – Sony IMX177
    • Hero 6 Black, Hero 7 Black, Hero 8 Black – Sony IMX277
    • Hero 9 Black, Hero 10 Black – Sony IMX677
  • Another recommendation that has been made online is that the GoPro Hero 11 Black should support 480 frames per second and 1080p slow motion. There are no hints, just a hunch.
  • In terms of the sensor, the Sony IMX677 supports DOL-HDR, which enables it to record images with two exposures, one darker and one lighter. Although GoPro video quality is excellent, due to the sensor’s limited native dynamic range, clipped highlights in clouds are frequently visible when the camera adjusts exposure to match a particular region of the sensor.
  • Hero 11 Black’s GP2 CPU should yield a few fresh software capabilities.
  • Until GoPro formally introduces the following generation of action cameras, we cannot confirm. It’s time to make a bold move and introduce some revolutionary GoPro series.

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