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Apple’s Spooky Fast October Event: A Preview

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Apple’s events are never boring, and the recent announcement of an October event is no exception. Despite the initial plan to have no event this month, Apple has surprised us with an event slated for October 30th at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. This “scary fast” event is breaking with tradition, and the anticipation is building. In this blog, we’ll explore what you can expect from this unexpected October Apple event.

A Mac-Focused Event

The “scary fast” tagline strongly suggests that this event will revolve around Mac products. Apple rarely uses such terminology unless it pertains to its Mac lineup. Notably, the event invitation animation features the Mac OS face, adding to the Mac-centric buzz. So, what Macs can we expect?

M3 Max and M3 Pro iMacs

Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicted no new Macs this year, now believes Apple will reveal more new Macs this year:

I believe M3 series MacBook Pro will be Oct 30th media event’s focus. I previously predicted a launch this year is unlikely due to limited 4Q23 shipments (less than 400-500k units in total). If new MBPs launch in Nov-Dec, tight supply will last into 1Q24 unless demand weakens.

One exciting possibility is the introduction of new iMacs, specifically the 24-inch M3 iMac. The M3 chip is anticipated to be built on a 3-nanometer process, delivering more power and efficiency. Expect 8-core CPUs, 10-core GPUs, and an upgrade in baseline memory from 8 GB to 12 GB. This memory boost makes the base-level iMacs more attractive, particularly for budget-conscious shoppers.

Design-wise, minor updates are expected, potentially including a brighter display and a center-stage webcam. Additionally, Apple may introduce color-coordinated accessories with a new option for a black iMac.

Mac Accessories: USB-C Transition

Apple seems poised to transition its Mac accessories to USB-C connectivity, in line with its shift away from Lightning. Expect updated versions of the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Keyboard, all featuring USB-C ports.

MacBook Pros: M3 Pro and M3 Max Chips


Image Source: Apple

If you visit Apple’s Events website, you’ll see a moving picture that shows the Apple logo turning into a face that looks a bit spooky, like the Finder icon on Mac computers. This pretty much tells us that the event is definitely about the new Macs.

The event may also unveil refreshed MacBook Pros, marking a departure from the previous January update. The “scary fast” tagline hints at significant upgrades. The new M3 Pro and M3 Max chips are set to deliver remarkable power, boasting 12 to 16 CPU cores and 18 to 40 GPU cores. These chips are more efficient and will bring substantial performance gains. Memory upgrades, starting at 24 GB, are a significant boost, making MacBook Pro configurations more compelling.

Mini LED Displays and Battery Efficiency

Apple may introduce energy-efficient mini LED displays for MacBook Pros, potentially contributing to extended battery life. While there might be other hardware improvements, don’t anticipate a major redesign.

In conclusion, Apple’s surprise October event promises exciting Mac and MacBook Pro updates. The “scary fast” theme suggests that Apple has some impressive upgrades in store. Be sure to tune in on October 30th to see these new products in action and stay updated with our coverage.


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