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Discover What’s New with DJI Avata 2

by Freewell
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The DJI Avata 2 has finally hit the market, and after extensive testing, it’s clear that this drone isn’t just an upgradeā€”it’s a comprehensive overhaul that promises to reshape the FPV flying experience. Here’s a deeper dive into what makes the Avata 2 stand out from its predecessor, the Avata 1, and how it could be one of the best sequels to hit the drone market.

dji avata 2 nd filters

dji avata 2 ND filters

Key Features and Improvements

  • Enhanced Stability and Size: Larger than its predecessor, improving wind resistance and flight stability.
  • Smart Controls: Features a new, smaller DJI motion controller that executes pre-programmed flips and tricks flawlessly, though these are not customizable.
  • Vision Through the Goggles: Equipped with new goggles that include two cameras for pass-through mode, allowing pilots to remain aware of their surroundings without removing the goggles.
  • Better Pricing: Cheaper than the Avata 1, though new controllers are required.
  • Enhanced Image Quality: Boasts a larger sensor for improved visuals.
  • Aspect Ratio Options: Supports 4×3 aspect ratio for additional vertical coverage.
  • Extended Battery Life: Offers 23 minutes of flight time, an increase from the previous model.
  • Advanced Charging Hub: Can transfer power between batteries, optimizing charging time and efficiency.
  • Secure Battery: Better design to keep the battery in place even during crashes.
  • Ample Storage: Comes with 46 GB of internal storage, reducing the need for frequent data transfers.
  • User Experience: Some users may find the field of view in the goggles a bit narrow, particularly in peripheral vision.

The DJI Avata 2 is hailed as one of the best drone sequels, featuring numerous improvements that enhance the user experience and technical performance. It’s priced competitively and designed to cater to both novice and experienced FPV pilots.


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