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The Revolutionary Eiger Magnetic Matte Box

by Freewell
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Discover the Eiger Magnetic Matte Box, a game-changing innovation in the world of cinematography. This versatile matte box system allows for the seamless stacking of magnetic filters, including IR, VND, mist, and more, while maintaining a slim profile. Learn how the Eiger Matte Box enhances your image quality and professional workflow. Are you ready to revolutionize your cinematography experience? Meet the Eiger Magnetic Matte Box—an ingenious solution poised to transform the way you use filters in your film productions. Engineered from the ground up, the Eiger Matte Box system introduces an entirely new ecosystem of magnetic filters, providing unprecedented versatility and control over your visual output.

Innovative Filter Stacking Bid farewell to the limitations of traditional matte box filters. Unlike clunky 4×4 or 4×5 filters that can restrict your creative options, the Eiger system allows you to stack an array of magnetic filters effortlessly. Whether you’re looking to incorporate IR, Z streak, mist, or other filters, the Eiger Matte Box offers the flexibility to combine them to achieve your desired effect.

Unmatched Compatibility One standout feature of the Eiger Magnetic Matte Box is its compatibility with a wide range of lenses. With the included adapter rings, you can seamlessly integrate the matte box with your preferred lens, ensuring a snug fit. From 52mm to 95mm, the Eiger system covers a broad spectrum of lens diameters, offering a tailored solution for every filmmaker’s needs.

True Color VND and Gradient Slot Gone are the days of compromise. The Eiger Matte Box introduces an innovative slot design that allows for the simultaneous use of True Color Variable ND (VND) and gradient filters. This unique feature empowers you to balance exposure and incorporate artistic gradients seamlessly. No longer do you need to choose between a VND or gradient filter—enjoy both in a single, compact setup.

Effortless Adjustment The Eiger Matte Box incorporates a user-friendly manual Turner for adjusting the VND density. This intuitive feature ensures you have precise control over light transmission, enabling you to adapt swiftly to changing lighting conditions on set.

Magnetic Quick Swap The magnetic magic doesn’t stop there. The Eiger Matte Box’s magnetic base isn’t just limited to its own filters—it’s also compatible with your existing magnetic quick swap filters. This compatibility streamlines your workflow, allowing you to effortlessly switch between filters without interrupting your creative flow.

Professional Image Quality Achieving consistent image quality is paramount in professional cinematography. The Eiger Matte Box’s innovative design mitigates issues like lower contrast caused by intense light sources, ensuring your images remain captivating and visually striking. Elevate your production value and impress clients with the seamless, high-quality output this matte box delivers.

Optical Excellence Rest assured, the Eiger Matte Box doesn’t compromise on optical quality. Crafted with precision, the IRND filters guarantee exceptional clarity and color accuracy, rivaling or even surpassing established industry standards. Your visuals will exhibit stunning sharpness and vibrant hues, capturing the essence of your artistic vision.

Enhanced Versatility Already invested in gradient filters? The Eiger Matte Box welcomes them too. By removing the front cover, you can conveniently thread filters with outer diameters up to 92mm, accommodating a wide array of filters available on the market. This flexibility ensures that your existing gear can seamlessly integrate with the Eiger system.

The Eiger Magnetic Matte Box offers a groundbreaking solution that empowers filmmakers to create visually captivating content with unparalleled ease. Explore the future of filter systems today and elevate your storytelling prowess.


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